Wednesday, October 4

I walk away with my dignity. You can't take that away from me.

Local news.

Here's some local news from the free newspaper I get pushed through the door every Wednesday.
Bear in mind I live in, what's probably best known as 'the middle area' of The UK. (tips hat to Ali).

Front page : Barry Killer Jailed!
The cold blooded killer of a much loved fundraiser has been sentenced to life behind bars.

3rd page : Drug Perv's Porn Stash.
A pervert who downloaded more than 2,000 pornographic pictures of children has been put behind bars for two years.

5th page : Bank Robber jailed - AGAIN.

9th page : Barber wins sexual harassment dispute.

10th page : Addict mother in knife assault.

12th page : Female 37, nearly new with no false bits, seeks male 35-45 with ever ready battery and doesn't tell lies! (Yeah, good luck with that one!)

18th page : Cliff Richard offer of tickets and travel to see him in Europe £249.95

19th page : The Leopard pub is under new management!

32nd page : VW Golf 1.4 5 door. 139,000 miles, dark blue, MOT - 05/07, tax 10/06, lovely condition throughout. £650 ono.

35th page : Pink king size bedframe including head & foot board £75 ono.

I love music.
Wanna know why?
'Cos it has this kind of effect....

I listened to the new Jamelia album tonight. All the way I was thinking "Oh dear" and then all of a sudden the album was finished. That terrible Stranglers sample....that awful Depeche Mode sample. I put it on repeat and gave it a few more listens. Now, I find every track addictive and think the album is a great result. The production is spot on, the mixes are great and her voice is as good as ever. At the moment, Jamelia is the UK equivalent of Beyonce in my opinion.
It's a great album, which I highly recommend.

I think I'm gonna get stoned.
No updates from until Saturday now 'cos I'm gonna be with The Girl. Le sigh.
Unless of course, I get a chance to post from hers without her knowing.

5 parlez:

Flash said...

As a massive DM fan, I'm kinda looking forward to hearing that Jamelia tune with the Personal Jesus sample.

As someone who likes to get stoned, can you pass it this way.

And as someone who has no problem stealing people's ideas, I think I'll do a feature on my local paper tomorrow.
I can assure you it'll be much less newsworthy.

Rach said...

Thank god I can comment. Haven't been able to do that on your blog for ages. Jamelia? Never was drawn to her but on your recommendation will have a little listen. Hope you have fun with your honey

Chloe said...

i don't want girlies touching depeche mode.
but you'll be having fun this weekend so a little Jamelia is okay i guess.

Ally said...

Now if I triangulate all those different incidents, I should be able to plot your exact whereabouts on the map ...
*gets out plotting device and pencil*

bedshaped said...

Stealing ideas? Oh the nerve of it!
You obviously thought about what you were writing, whereas I kinda skimmed through and was pretty stoned.

Am I having commenting problems? Sorry, I didn't realise. I'm not being barred by a Webmarshall type thing am I? That's happened before. Apparently I swear too much.
Give Jamelia a chance. My motto is always, always give something at least one listen.

Hated it at first, really like it now. I've heard much worse examples of sampling The Mode.

Don't bother, I am already wearing my 'anti stalker cloaking device'. And of course, all the names and places were changed to protect the innocent!