Monday, September 18

Now, if I wrote you a love note, and made you smile with every word I wrote (what would you do?)

Tonight, I've mostly been cleaning.
And throwing things out.

As The Girl quite rightly pointed out earlier today, when I do this routine of cleaning or tidying or organizing, it's usually down to me feeling low about something. It's not so much that I'm feeling low, it's more that I'm feeling a little out of control with my life.
Things have been happening that have made me stall on my journey and pause for thought. The path that I thought I would take no longer seems like the right direction. The destination is almost the same, but the way to get there has changed.
It's all down to being with The Girl. She's changed the way I think about things and our relationship has developed to a level that I never in a million years would have imagined reaching. In fact, it's a level that I've never reached before.
Where as before I was pretty much convinced of where I would be in say....five years time. Now it's all kinda blurry. Although, through the haze, I can see myself still heading in the same direction, just from a different point of view. From a different perspective.

Trying to explain how I felt about her, I said something like this:
"It's like....when you go into a sweet shop with your change. And you get absolutely everything you want with every last penny you have. There's nothing left in there that you want. You've got everything."
Right then she put her arms around me and gave me a hug that just blew my mind.

Young love, eh?

Work....well work is still slow. They are gonna fire the Business manager at the end of the month. They already have his replacement lined up to start the day after he goes. He has absolutely no idea about any of this. I would feel sorry for the guy, but quite frankly, he's been a very naughty boy.
Loopy, a salesgirl I work with, has a serious ex boyfriend stalker. He rings, they shout, he texts, she scoffs, he drives by, she tries to ignore. It appears to be grinding her down and I can't help but feel sorry for her. It can't be nice.
Mr Happy, who works on service reception is becoming a good friend. We seem to have a lot in common and he's just very easy to talk with. Apart from the fact he's always bloody smiling. He's just got 'one of those faces'. I've given Mr Happy a copy of the Radiodread CD. I appear to have this current 'thing' of wanting to know what other people think.

My financial situation may be saved from hitting 'critical status' by the fact that I'm paid in two days time. I think this is the only time since I've been in this place, that I've really, really craved pay-day. This is possibly not a good sign considering how quiet we are at work and also the next few months are traditionally quiet anyway, so my chances of a good month are slim to none (and slim just left town).

Oh well, could be worse.

Recently, I've stumbled upon some great posts about Blogging. This is a great example of some of Blogging ethics and both here and here are some equally brilliant posts on commenting and such and such.
I find the whole blogging thing kinda fascinating, don't you?

New songs in MP3 format to download from the jukebox, on the right, by the way.

5 parlez:

Chloe said...

The Girl must be an amazing person. I am very happy for you bedshaped :)

lillian said...

well, talking about blogging and commenting, I'll just say.. I was here.. everytime you write a post.. thanx to RSS...

YokoSpungeon said...

I tidy up a lot when I am in inner turmoil. I think it really helps.

I have just been catching up on your recent posts and everything you have told me about the girl leads me to believe she is ace.

bedshaped said...

Thank you.
She is yeah.


It's almost like some kind of release.

moi said...

there really is nothing on earth like the first blush of love.

happy for you.