Tuesday, September 19

And all the grown ups say "sorry kids we got no reply'".

She said to me today, "When are you gonna sort your own life out, nevermind trying to help out others?"
And I replied, "I know what I want out of my life. I'm just helping some other people on the way."
And with that, she went "hrumph", with a shrug of her shoulders.
Nothing more was said.

My mum can be a funny old bitch.

4 parlez:

sophie said...

My mum is making me INSANE.


Delboy's Daughter said...

I used to have an outfit like the lady in picture five.

rachel said...

That's mums for you, hhrrumph, my mum did it to me and I to my honeys. Life goes around.....full circle.
Got a new band for you - Orson, check it out

bedshaped said...

I think it's part of the criteria for being a mum....driving people insane!

delboy's daughter,
Of course I didn't scroll back to check out picture number 5 again.
Next you'll be saying that you dance like the girl in picture 14.

Full circle indeed!
Thanks for the tip of Orson. Would it be horrible of me now to say I've had the album ages already?!
But in saying that, if you have the album yourself, listen to track 8 "Look Around". His vocals are just spot on. In fact, they are beyond spot on, particularly when he's winding the song down at the end.