Monday, August 21

Barged our way into the toilet with the kung fu king. There's not enough hours in the day.

It was Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, just without the sex.

For anybody that's never been to a music festival, it's almost impossible to explain the atmosphere, the people, the music, the vibe. The feeling generated from all those thousands of people who have come there for the same reason....A love of music.

It's not something you forget quickly, standing next to Scooby Doo whilst Radiohead deafened us with an amazingly uplifting version of "Pananoid Android". Scrappy was there too, but he didn't look like he was feeling the vibe as much, which figures, 'cos Scrappy was shit!

Grown men partaking in some naked mud-wrestling. A bunch of people all dressed for a wedding, Bride and Groom included. The obligatory superhero's present, although I can't remember seeing Spiderman. He was probably lay comatose somewhere after one too many smokes.

The rain came down, but it was short and sweet. Enough though, to create sloppy mud paths to and fro. Enough also, to prevent the 'shit-wagons' from being able to get access to clean out the toilets on our campsite. The 'trying to be helpful' signs might as well have said "Danger. Condemned!" for it was worth. Within an hour of the Arena being open, people turned a blind eye to the 'Toilets this way' signs and made do with anywhere within a 20 foot walk from where they were standing.
Guys doing their usual "I don't give a fuck who sees me take a leak", girls doing their usual "everybody crowd around me so nobody else can see me stooping". anybody wants to watch a girl take a piss!
Apart from the golden shower fetish crew, of course!

Dodgeball was a great experience, shared with a few hundred people in the small hours of Saturday morning. Although the bunch of guys who kept shouting out quotes did get a little tiring after a while. They finally calmed down after about 40 minutes, although I think it may be because they passed out.

I have it on good authority that the guy from Hollyoaks isn't as hot in real life as he is on the show. Apparently I was standing right next to him and remained oblivious to everybody around us whispering, "Isn't that the guy from...." I think I might have stood on his foot briefly.

I return £80 lighter, a necklace lost somewhere in the middle of Radiohead's set, 3 full loads of dirty washing to get through, a sore navel ring, twice the amount of beer that I took originally, a bemused feeling of being possibly the only person I know who doesn't get Beck and a sentiment of warmth having donated my tent to charity.

Standing hair on the back of my neck moment - Gomez
Biggest let down - Hard Fi

I drank too much beer, I smoked too much grass, I didn't get enough sleep and I missed The Girl terribly.
I did however survive and got completely lost in the music.

Oh and I ditched Razorlight for Groove Armada. "I see you baby, shakin' that ass!"

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Joe said...

Glad you had a good one. Chelmsford on Saturday was ace.

JJ said...

Green with jealousy. Still.

They make this thing for girls so they can pee standing up like the fellas...called the P-Mate. Swear to God! Haven't ever used it, but I think it would be HILARIOUS to take that out clubbing & go then into the guys bathroom & use it. Oh yeah. No waiting in line for the ladies toilets, oh no. LOL But then again I'm kinda twisted like that.

Glad you survived & got lost in the music!

Cat said...

I watched a lot of the coverage on E4, wish I could have been there. For all my telly watching I didn't see any Morrissey - did he actually show up???

surly girl said...

i've never been to V, and i'm from chelmsford. i saw gomez on ch4 tho and they were fantastic.

i love gomez, me.

bedshaped said...

Thanks, it was a brilliant weekend!

I'm not even so sure that girls using a P-Mate would make any difference. I guess that's the difference between guys and girls when it comes to taking a leak.

I'm afraid I can't comment on the Mozza situation. My brother went to watch Razorlight and I plumped for Groove Armada. I presume it was a short set though, 'cos Groove Armada started before Morrissey came on and went on for about 15 minutes after he finished. Strange considering he must have shitloads more material than them to do.
Nobody who camped around us had been to see him either, because I asked them all in the morning.

It's weird....I love loads of The Smiths stuff and willingly admit to having all of his solo stuff, but for some reason....I don't have a passion to see him play live.
That makes me a bad person, huh?

Shame on you! I hope you're hanging your head in shame.
I bet you'd have snapped the tickets up if James Blunt would have headlined, huh!

In my opinion, Gomez put on an outstanding performance. Not very high up the bill sadly means a short set, but every song was a belter.