Sunday, July 2

When you first left me, I was wanting more. But you were fucking that girl next door, what d'ya do that for.

Why am I feeling so tired?

I feel like I've not slept for 72 hours, which is stupid because I know I have. In fact, I've had some reasonably early nights (for me) and it's not like I've been lay there begging myself to go to sleep, 'cos I haven't. If anything, I've been dozing off into my sleep like state in record times.
It's not a mental tiredness either, it's definitely a physical one. My knee isn't helping matters, making it difficult to get a 'comfy spot' and sometimes bringing me out of my sleep to remind me just how much it hurts like a bitch.
Considering that over the last few nights, I've been in bed at reasonable times, I think I'll give up on the idea that it's more sleep that I'm craving and perhaps I should take it easier on the old bones.
This concerns me, particularly as V Festival is only seven weeks away and is without doubt, always the toughest weekend of the year for me. There's also a strong possibility that we're going for an extra day, so perhaps I should begin stocking up on the multi vitamins now!

The whole World Cup thing is apparently over for England. I'm not a follower of football, but even so, The Girl and I got treated to some 'real live football fan action' last night by her neighbours. The cheers, the clapping, the shouting, the "OOoohhhhhhhh", the jeers, the encouraging chants that said neighbours directed to their TV (which was in their garden, due to birthday party/barbecue/friends over type thing) were all we needed to be able to follow what was happening. By the end of the match, we switched on the TV and found it highly amusing that the neighbour's terrestrial signal was slightly ahead of the Digital signal we were watching and consequently their screams, claps and "OOOhhhhh Noooooooo" cries kind of 'gave away' whether the ball that was still on the penalty spot on our screen was gonna go in the net or not.

The news reports on the radio and some of the newspaper articles seem a little harsh to me. There's lots of blame being laid at the feet of Rooney, who by all accounts is some sort of footballing God. Ok, so he fucked up, but is this one guy really to blame for England losing the match and ultimately a place in the next round?
Perhaps I should just have a nice cup of 'shut the fuck up' when it comes to talking about football, considering I know so little about it. It was really nice to see so many people in this Country showing their support with flags, t-shirts and all the other stuff and kinda makes me think that we rarely 'pull together' as one in this day and age.
The road where I live had many a house donning flags from their windows. Lots of cars had flags and other signs of support plastered all over them. Today, when I drove back from work, many of these have already been removed.

I think the sullen mood of the Country meant that most people just wanted to stay in because work was pretty damn quiet. Although saying that, I appear to have sold the car that I'm driving.
Not being a fan of cars means I don't get upset or mardy when the car I'm driving gets sold. Jeesh, some of the other Sales people get their arse firmly in their hands when you tell them they have to hand over their keys because you've just sold their car.
I will kinda miss it though.
Although I don't think the red hot leather burning sensation from the seats will be missed much.

I've met up with The Blagger and Krusty tonight. He seems to be doing ok, but he's getting slightly bored now and actually has some kind of 'plan'. This is a good sign, trust me!
He's asked me over to his new place sometime during the week. They've been telling me about their nosey neighbours. Apparently, when an unknown car pulls into the 'private/residents only' car park, all the curtains start twitching. There are several neighbours who are allegedly really nosey, so we've devised a plan:
This basically involves me going round his place, as agreed, but making sure I make some unnecessary noise when I go into the car park, thus attracting the attention of said neighbours. I'm gonna ring him, so he comes out to meet me from the car and we're gonna hug and kiss.
Oh and he's gonna slap my arse, in a flirty way.
Oh, and I'm gonna be wearing a dress.

The cd that I received in the Shuffle-A-Thon is currently playing on my pc. It kinda worried me, all the care and attention that the sender had put into, not only the thought of which songs to include, but also the accompanying letter, giving titles and reasons for their inclusion. Way, WAY more than I put into mine! I had so much trouble limiting myself to the 12 song limit, that I decided to go all random and just take the last 12 songs that I'd just played. There was no box, with designed and printed cover. Hell, I didn't even put the disc into a box, I just slipped it inside a pvc slip cover, wrote my blog address on it and posted the fucker. No track listing (which was later rectified), no explanation, no box, no cover, nothing.
With music being such a passion of mine, I kinda feel like I let my side of bargain down.

This disc needs more listening.
Unfortunately....and through nobody's fault but my own, I know all but one of the tracks. However, there are songs on this disc that I haven't listened to for a while, so I'm gonna give it my undivided attention for the next couple of days, then write my revue up here.

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Saffyre said...

I agree with you on the Rooney situation. He's only human. So he lashed out? Well we played better after he left the field...what does that say? Ultimately we just didn't play well enough.