Friday, June 30

I'm a cactus, trying to be a canoe.

I saw my folks earlier.

My Dad asked me if I understood the drawing he emailed to me.
We appear to have a problem here, that boils down to my Dad not being able to use a computer. Luckily, my Mum was around to help him scan the drawing, write the email and hit send. Unluckily, Norton kept telling them it was being blocked because of the size and they didn't have a clue what to do.
Hence my reply to him was, "what drawing?"
It took all of 2 minutes to explain what he meant and that even included a fresh new drawing!

I've almost finished building my barbecue. I have one more layer of bricks, then the top bricks (when I buy then, 'cos I forgot) and it's all done.
It's taken me longer than originally anticipated because basically, I've done the 'little and often' method. And it appears to have paid off.
Remember, it's not quantity that counts, it's quality!!!

I received my cd for the shuffle-a-thon today. I've unwrapped it and skimmed the note, but I haven't played the cd yet. I don't know who it's from, unless it's in the note somewhere, but once I've given the cd a good listen, I'm to put up a review here.

The blogger who received my cd has already posted their review here.
Ironic that the two songs he didn't rate, would be my two favourite of the twelve.

I'm working all over the weekend....
But, I'm gonna manage to spend some quality time with The Girl....

I've had a text from the 'ex'.
Why do people do that?

The weekend is here.
Oh joy!

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Jo said...

The x question is easy. Not that I know anything about your particular x.

It's either ..

1. They have no idea you're in a relationship, they want you to reply and harbour delusions about getting back together as if nothing ever happened. {UNLIKELY}


2. They're missing you (maybe), they know you're seeing someone else and need to know ... Are you happy? Happier than when you were with them? Awesome sex? How can they ruin it?

Don't ask how I know these things.

Jo said...


Know much about the new VW Beetle ?

I'm in the market for a new car. Definitely not a Fucking Ford Fiesta this time.

Fluff said...

Photographic evidence of said BBQ is needed !!!!!

bedshaped said...

The VW Beetle?
Yeah, they are overpriced.
Oh and dont drive very well. But they have the VW badge, which basically means quality.

I can't comment on the Fucking Ford Fiesta remark.

You wanna see pictures of the barbecue?
Girl, you need to get out more!

YokoSpungeon said...

Hello Bedshaped *waves* it was me that sent you your shuffle-a-thon CD.

The best I can hope is that you don't hate it. Be interested in your thoughts, whatever they are.


Yoko xxx

PS - I don't blog here, I'm over at livejournal, but you are welcome to "friend" me there, should you so wish.