Tuesday, June 27

And the world goes round the sun and the memory lives on in the heart.

I love the internet.

Sometime last week, I began to wonder about this, after watching said video once again.
While I was at work yesterday, I surfed around the internet, looking for some kind of "ask a question" type site. I thought I would end up finding a message board, where lots of people give their own answers and interpretations and you never really know if the question's been answered. Instead, what I found was a site that boasted experts in most areas, so I thought it would be a good idea to give them a whirl.
After clicking various menu's, I found the page about Elvis experts. I only expected one, maybe two, but there's loads. You can pick which expert to ask the question to, so I picked the second most 'popular' expert.
I filled in the fields, hit the send button and promptly received an email stating their receipt of my question and my 'expert' would reply to me within 3 days.
A little naive of them perhaps!
What do I find in my 'inbox' this morning??? Only an email from my 'expert' saying she's posted her answer up for me to read.
I click the link, I read my question again....I read her reply....and now I think I may have the answer to something that's been bugging me for over a week now.

Here's the link to my question.

Interesting name?
Cheeky bitch!

I'm just about to validate her answer, by watching the clip a few times.
If I'm not convinced, then I'm afraid I may need a second opinion.
In fact, I think I might do that from work tomorrow.

I've got tickets to see Sandi Thom in October. Sounds like it's gonna be a great intimate gig. I'm currently loving her cd, albeit too short and I love the fact that she proved once again, that there's so much brilliant, unsigned new talent out there.

So currently, I'm making time for Embrace in October, V Festival in August, Sandi Thom in October and Pink in November. I passed on Keane because I'm probably gonna see them at Virgin this year and let's face it, there's only so much bedshaped a person can take, huh?
Now is the time when most of the good tours get announced. I know Muse will tour, so that's another one for me.

Anybody who strolls by here speak French?
Any chance of a translation of this please?

CocoRosie "Bisounours"

Merci x

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Chloe said...

i don't speak french, however, the internet, wondrous as it is, has sites that translate texts for you. it's not always totally accurate because a machine does the work, but you get an idea: http://babelfish.altavista.com/

bedshaped said...

Thanks chloe,
I did think about using Babelfish, but knowing it's sometimes crap, was kinda hoping somebody could translate it better for me.
Amazingly, The Girl has done such a thing.
She speaks French!
Oh my God, 90% of my fantasies have just been fulfilled!

Jo said...

If Mickey Newbury (the composer) was alive you could ask him.

By far the better version.

Elvis who?