Monday, July 3

How do you always have an opinion? And how do you always find the best way to compromise?

You know when you have one of those days, when you get lots of little things done and dusted, which is great, but then when you think back, you don't feel like you've actually done anything. of those days.

I handed over 'my car' to the guy who bought it earlier. I spent ages with him, going through all the controls and explaining how to use the SatNav and how the MP3 player works. He was all excited as I told him more and more stuff about what the car could do.
He's a nice guy....
It's gone to a good home.

Being without a car is crap. Last night I used a Mondeo Estate. Fucking horrible car! Ok, so it was top of the range, but it drives like a bunch of donkey balls. Good sound on the stereo though.
Today, I've come back in a BMW 3 series. Yeah, it looks real flash, but once again, it drives like a bag of shit, I find the pedals too close together and the stereo is absolute wank.
I've come to two conclusions:
1 - Cars bore the fuck out of me.
2 - I will judge a car by the performance of the stereo.

Work has been a bitch!
Since The Blagger got fired, they have also fired Jabba, the Finance Guy. Today, we've had a guy start to replace Jabba.
I popped into 3rd Time Lucky's office this afternoon to say, "Hey, anytime you want to fill that position filled with somebody who can actually do the job, then let me know".

I went out for a test drive with somebody today. He came in with his wife and was undecided about which car to buy, so he asked for two test drives, one in each.
No problem....normally.
This guy could drive about as well as The Pope can rap!
I actually started to panic when I realised how bad his driving was. When we got back to The Dealership, I stood my ground and told him that I wouldn't take him out on the second test drive because I wasn't confident enough in his driving skills (or lack off), particularly because he was driving an unfamiliar car.
He didn't take it well!

I think some people may be slightly worried about me at work, because I spent most of the afternoon asking girls if I could borrow a dress from them.

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Chloe said...

the Blagger got fired! noooo.
i have missed a couple of posts it seems. going to catch up. i am downloading the sundays, so thanks xx

Saffyre said...

Hmm, i'm intrigued...why do you need to borrow a dress??

Cat said...

I'm also intrigued by the dress thing - spill!