Sunday, June 18

And the sickest little pleasures keep me going in between pulling teeth.

I was sat out on the back step earlier.

It's swiftly becoming one of my favourite places to pass time.
There's a hug tree in next door's garden, that overhangs my side and when the sun is going down, it just looks amazing.
The air was cool, the gentle breeze was just enough, the tunes were playing in the background and I just sat there and thought.

One of the worries, when you live alone, is how long it would be before somebody missed you enough to be concerned. How long would it be before somebody thought, "hang on a minute, something isn't right here"?
I sat there and wondered how long it would be, if I were to keel over and die, before somebody really missed me.
I could be lying there for days, on my back step before anybody actually turned up to find out where I'd disappeared to. And that's quite scary.
I don't see my neighbours very often, my folks haven't spoken to me for about 3 weeks, my brother Pandy and I always keep in touch, but it can be as long as a week in between our conversations. Work would probably just think I'm pulling a sickie and conversations with friends are on an 'as and when' basis.
Ironically, the person who I think would think something's up quickest, would be the person who I've probably known for the least amount of time.

Marley has a new companion.
Her name will be forthcoming. I'm not quite sure why, but the new plant is definitely a she. Maybe it's because of the sharp leaves that sprout fiercely from her.

Quite a lot has been achieved tonight and the whole weekend was good for me.
Each day for different reasons.

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Saffyre said...

Rather a depressing thought really. Though my mother is on the phone two and three times a day so I doubt i'd get left long!

Emchi said...

72 hours... I think that's how long it took them to find my mother, we still don't know exactly.