Thursday, April 6

Some like it hot, so let's turn up the heat 'til we fry.

Today has without a doubt, been the worst day of my life at work.

Frustration levels have reached meltdown status and I really don't know how I've contained myself from walking into 3rd Time Lucky's office, handing him my keys and saying, "see ya later".

That said, the day is now over and I feel composed enough to allow my thoughts to focus on other things, since what happened today is now 'in the past' and there's fuck all I can do about it.

I have a mahoosive email from my brother Pandy to reply to. He's been offline for a while due to 'technical difficulties', but now appears to have resolved them...which is good.
I miss my brother and his family.

The conclusion on the Embrace album is that I can't really dig it. I want to love it, the same as all their previous albums, but this album from them, is like the "X and Y" album from Coldplay for me, which was and still is a struggle.

I feel in need of some relaxation....
The weekend beckons and I'm not quite sure what to expect.
I know what I'm hoping for, but that's another story for another time.

The wine in my fridge is calling my name.
I'm gonna make friends with The Reverend Al Green tonight.
I'm uptight....and not in the Stevie Wonder good stylee either.

4 parlez:

JJ said...

How'd you do with the wine last night?

funny thing said...

I'm still thinking about the Embrace album, haven't decided yet.
I suspect I'm moving towards electronic.. and away from miserable indie boys.

How do you get a name like 3rd Time Lucky?

bedshaped said...

The wine and I moved our relationship onto a new level.

funny thing,
Perhaps that's why I've spent the last few days soaking up some old Depeche Mode.

3rd Time Lucky is my Sales Managers' name. Dubbed so, because since I've been working there (opened less than 2 years ago), he's the 3rd manager I've had.
I really like him, so it's kind of a hopeful nickname.

Chloe said...

it's good you kept your cool and didn't hand him your keys. I didn't and am still looking for a job :)