Tuesday, April 18

I'll work that bit harder, when you say it's not within my grip.

Today has been frustrating at work.
That's all I have to say on the matter!

The Blagger is coming over tomorrow evening for...what he calls a 'man chat'. This would be along the lines of something that guys talk about when nobody else is around.

Yesterday consisted of tyre kickers gallore. A tyre kicker being the sort of person (usually a guy), who loves nothing more than to wander around, looking at cars and asking stupid questions, like "what litre capacity is the boot", or "Does this come with a spacesaver?" or "What MPG would you get out of this car?", or "what's my car worth?"
Who gives a fuck what your cars worth!!!
Are you gonna buy a car?
So what difference does it make what your car's worth!
Spend some time with your family or friends for fucks sake and get a life!

I am in charge at work until next Tuesday.
God help them all....

2 parlez:

Fluff said...

Make them all work late and be sure to create and utilise an evil laugh.
It's a must have for all dictators you know.
Should you need to brush up on your evil laugh, i am available from 9 til 5 mondays to fridays for your cackling pleasure at a very reasonable rate.

[fade out optional]

funny thing said...

Does this wheel have an ensuite car????