Saturday, April 22

I wouldn't know what to say to a gentle voice, it'd roll right past me.

Saturday night and I'm back at mine by 11.30

Earlier I was out with The Blagger, Krusty and Paint Guy. They asked me to go out with them tonight on....and I quote...."a bender!" This would involve copious amounts of alcohol, laced with a little more...erm...Alcohol.
I had already said no to 'the bender', but said I would come out for a few drinks before they head out properly. This always falls on deaf ears because it's the same routine e v e r y time, with me being repeatedly asked to stay out with them, when the time comes for them to move on.
Anyway, I did my usual 'designated driver' thing to make sure they got to where they wanted to go safely.

So now I'm back.
Eating a sandwich.
Finishing off some wine.
Letting my mind drift off to....

She missed the stars through the skylight.

Tomorrow, I am once again at work. We have a 'sale' on, which is nothing short of a load of bollocks.

I have a new houseplant. It's a Yukka and it's gorgeous. The Blagger bought it for me after he found out Leon had gone.
How thoughtful....Hey, it's a guy thing!
The new plant doesn't have a name yet, but it's definitely a he.

I'm now contemplating having a breakaway before I tackle two flights of stairs.

....and my bed smells absolutely gorgeous.

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