Sunday, April 23

Everybody get down if you feel me, put your hands up to the ceiling.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be either a pilot or a teacher.

Growing up, I learnt how to hate school and flying is one of my greatest phobias.
Go figure.

This is Marley, my new houseplant.

I named him after Bob of course. I had some Marley playing when I came back from work and I swear I saw him tentatively throwing discreet shapes. Besides that, his leaves remind me of dreadlocks.

It feels kind of apt that even though Leon has now gone, that Marley turns up out of the blue and becomes not only just another 'talking partner', but also a new companion for me.

The decision has been made today, that I am in need of some retail therapy. Not just a brief visit, but a proper session, involving at least 2 breaks for coffee. As it will be on my day off, this will be a good thing because I won't have to suffer hearing anybody saying "Fuckinellll, how long are we gonna be?".
I can take my time strolling in and out of the shops, returning to have a second browse, trying stuff on, buying stuff, thinking about what I've bought over a coffee, taking stuff back to swap for other stuff, buying even more stuff to go with the exchanged stuff and on...and on....and on....ariston.

Heavy rotated music for this last week has been the new Rihanna album which I'm really, really liking, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Thursday's new cd, Massive Attacks compilation cd and generally lots of Depeche Mode, who for some reason have become a reignited love.

Bring on the new Fugees album, that's what I say...oh and also Damien Rice, Muse, Portishead....

I'm currently faced with an Easter egg. It's giving me that, "go on, you know you wanna eat me" look and I'm afraid I may have to submit, just this one time.
Goes straight to my hips, you know!

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