Sunday, April 16

They find themselves, through the chaos....making sense.

So for me, the Easter break is now over.

Tomorrow I am back to work, all be it a short shift of just 10 'til 4.
It will mostly consist of me catching up on the last few days worth of paperwork, talking to people who have nothing better to do than stroll around a car dealership on a Bank Holiday and daydreaming....

I didn't even lower my defenses.

The walls were built strong and proud,
The doors locked,
The boundary's patrolled by savage dogs, looking for lurkers

My fight was strong,
My mask worn with a certain amount of pride,
My heart and soul protected by the strongest security, while they mended themselves.

And yet she still managed to sneak through.

The fear grew,
The search was on for her flaws,
The list still remains blank.

My will to resist grew weak,
My defense surrendered their arms,
My hope returned.

The playlist tonight reflects my mood of feeling....

"Hansel and Gretal are holding hands deep in the forrest.
They are lost, This is their own story.
The two have fallen in love, and so,
after a log quietness amidst the creatures of the night, they begin to kiss.
traveling like heat through each other's bodies,
they pass through centuries of insecurity and into a rhythm where they are not afraid.

Mamma has led these children into the wild unknown for reasons, known,
with father's help of course, they tried very hard to get back home,
but of course, they could not.
And so, they find themselves through the darkness, through the sadness,
making love, making peace, making music."

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Dita said...

Haven't we all been led into the darkness in some way? ...or at least stuffed in the oven somewhere?