Wednesday, April 25

When you gonna make up your mind? When you gonna love you, as much as I do? When you gonna make up your mind? 'Cos things are gonna change, so fast.

Whilst I love being in a relationship....who doesn't? I really do love being on my own.
I never seem to feel a sense of loneliness, despite being alone. Although I have Marley, the plant that seems to be a true survivor, and the two cats. The house never feels empty. And it's never peaceful. Ninety nine percent of the time, there's music playing somewhere.

Whilst I love being able to eat what I like, when I like, playing whatever music I want, at whatever volume, whilst I love being able to not have to consider somebody else when I flick around on the remote, whilst I love being able to go out where I want, when I want and with who I want without having to think about someone else's feelings, whilst I love not having to consult anybody else's schedule in case of a clash, whilst I love not feeling guilty about buying far too many Chocolate Hobnobs, whilst I love being able to watch movies in bed, instead of reading a book, whilst I love not having to clean up somebody else's mess....
I do really miss waking up next to somebody else's skin.

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everachika said...

Its hard sometimes, things been so wrong in the past, sometimes its way much more than the people present, past relationships, family affairs, mounting up like unwashed dishes and then suddenly you try and take out a spoon and the whole mountain just collapses on you, collapses on the person they trust and love, expecting them to wait and help them. Small things really though take a lot of time.

Really hope things work out though. xx