Friday, April 27

'Cos we've been through worse than this, before we could talk. The trick of it is, don't be afraid anymore.

When a relationship ends, it can fester into bitterness if you feel like you haven't got your side of the story out.
It's terribly frustrating. I know, I've been there.
She's coming over on Sunday, to collect some more things from the house. She's been asking me for ages for us to sit down and talk. It pisses me off that she wants to talk now, but when it mattered she did all she could to avoid it. But I see parts of her in me. I'm overcome with sadness when I can see it.

I'm worried that it will stir up too many emotions, things may get heated (and I really don't want that), and there's a chance we could end up losing our friendship. And I don't want that. She keeps saying that she's accepted what's happened. But I'm not so sure. I think she also thinks there might be a chance of us getting back together. I don't.
I'm wondering if this 'talk' might pose more questions than answers.
I'm wondering if this 'talk' might help her move on from all this mess.
I'm wondering if this 'talk' will just make me feel even more guilty than I already do.

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