Monday, February 28

I can do it like a brother, do it like a dude. Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you.

How time has flown. Dexter is almost six months and growing into a strapping young lad, although I took him to the vets the other day to have his dangly bits 'doctored'. Poor little guy!
He's now stopped his previous routine to wake me up; crawling under the bed covers to nibble at my toes and ankles. Nowadays, he just climbs on top of me and paddles away until he feels me stirring. Lovely and cute as hell, but not so at stupid o'clock!
Since I've been in this house for a good few weeks now, and he's been....*ahem*....doctored, it's time I thought about letting him out. He obviously wants to explore outside and spends a lot of time on the window sills, staring outside at what could be. I can only hope he comes back and doesn't do what my previous cat, Jewel did and just never come back.
A while ago, I promised my niece that I would take care of her cat when I got back into my own place. She moved away from her parents and found herself with two problems that prevented her from taking her cat with her; finding a rented property with a landlord that was ok with pets, and a boyfriend that came out in a horrible rash due to allergies he never knew he had. I'm still working out the logistics and timing of bringing her cat over, but it feels like sometime soon would be a good idea. I might have to think about giving her a more appropriate name though. I hope she wont mind.

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