Monday, January 17

You find some best friends. We'll hold each other and I'll turn the bells.

Just a few things to say tonight....

  •  The new guy at work has really bad B.O. He may not be aware of it, or it may be a medical condition, but it's unpleasant and people are starting to talk.
  •  Since he started, and I'm not pointing the finger here, but it's a bloody big coincidence, someone is leaving an awful mess in the guy's toilets lately. Specifically, the toilet pan. Sometimes it looks like someone's been trying to flush away a poop from an elephant....without success!
  • I feel a lot better after ranting last night.

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Sharon said...

We have someone at work who permanently stinks of fish. Yuk. And also the phantom toilet paperer - the ladies loos are forever being blocked by someone deliberately filling them with an entire roll of toilet paper. I work with some real idiots sometimes, it has to be said.