Saturday, December 18

I'm in the darkest place, I think I've ever been. You can see from the scars on my face, I'm not where I'm supposed to be.

Loads has been happening, it's hard to know where to begin.

I guess the most important thing is that after the New Year, I will have my own space back. It's taken a very long time, it's cost me a lot of money and it's been gruelling and stressful, but finally those wankers who were digging their heels in whilst living rent free in my house have finally been turfed out.
I wouldn't wish anybody else to have to go through what I've just been through, but still, that part of it is over now. Now begins a lengthy and once again very costly exercise to attempt to recover some of my outstanding money; from rent arrears, damage to the house, stolen furniture, legal costs, court costs etc etc etc. Sheesh! But at least I can now concentrate on sorting my shit out, in order to get back into my own space, whether it's that house or somewhere else.

For the past few years, some of my Bloggy friends have enjoyed compiling, discussing, comparing and swapping lists of top ten albums of the year gone by. This year is no different.
So head over to The Auditorium to see what our top ten albums of 2010 have been, in a countdown stylee.

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Anonymous said...

Even though the costs continue to mount up, I am so pleased that you are where you are now. These people have been a complete nightmare and you are at least over the hump of it in getting them out. If you need a hand with clearing up or repainting, well, I owe you a favour so I'll come up and help (well, once the snow is gone!)

bedshaped said...

Over the hump, yeah.
And thanks for the very kind offer, soupy. I may call in that favour yet.