Tuesday, December 21

Be my friend. Hold me. Wrap me up. Unfold me. I am small. And needy. Warm me up. And breathe me.

I can't seem to keep up with blogs anymore. Not meaning that the blogs that I like to dip into every now and then post so much stuff that I fall behind or get lost. I mean, very often lately when I follow a link from this blog, the writer has either stopped posting, or the blog had been deleted. Even the ones I don't link from here, but keep in my bookmarks have been disappearing slowly.
And once, when I would click away at links from other people's blogs, or just surf around, I would often stumble upon other people's little spaces that would catch my attention. I'd bookmark it, sometimes link it, sometimes comment.... But now....Now there just seems to be a huge reduction.
Of course FaceFuck and Twatter have done a great job shovelling the earth on top of the blogger's coffin. But I find it such a shame, because even though I do FaceFuck, it's just not the same. On there, I have to be so much more like me. And I much prefer being the anonymous me.

Blogging....It's dying.

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Sharon said...

So true. Now and again I'll find a really interesting blog or two but then they never seem to be updated. Bit frustrating. I'm probably as guilty as anyone of spending way too much time on Twitter rather than on my own blog, but that's mainly because I've not done anything lately that's worth properly blogging about :\

I hate Facebook with a passion, though.

Tom Foolery said...

I too hate Facebook :O TFxx

gekkogirl said...


Fern said...

I know what you mean (jellybean)

Thinking of starting up again jan1....but I feel all so squirrelly about it.

gummybear said...

i hope its not dying to much cuz i just started to whole blogging thing