Friday, September 10

Clearly I remember, from the windows they were watching, while we froze down below.

Big Brother has come to an end.
After ten years of dedicated viewing, for me, summertime will never be the same again.

Over the years, I've felt a huge variety of emotions. I've chuckled, I've laughed, I've cried and cringed. I've been shocked, been flabbergasted, been frustrated and been angry. I've felt pleased, felt all warm and cuddly, felt grossed out and felt humble. All the emotional bases have been covered many, many times.
The hundreds of Housemates have provided hour upon hour of entertainment. They've been outrageous, rude, crude, angry, disgusting, vile, comical, funny, boring, camp, ridiculous, smarmy, creepy, bitchy, loving, stupid, silly, smart, clever, game-playing and so, so much more.

No other TV show has given me the chance to watch people do such a vast array of weird and wonderful, crazy and fucked-up, even boring and monotonous things. There's been kissing, fighting, punching, kicking, smooching, vomiting, dancing, fucking, discriminating, masturbating, shouting, screaming, spitting, threatening, bullying, flirting, flashing, tears, tantrums and an abundance of nakedness and nudity. It's been ten years of cocks, lady-gardens, tits and arse!

I've loved, loved, loved it.
I've learnt so much about people, about life, about living, about soooo many things.
It's been the most amazing, riveting, enjoyable and fucked-up roller coaster ride.

Of course, there's a possibility that another TV channel buys the rights to continue with the show, but in my eyes it will never be the same.
So, as with all good things, it has come to an end.

Thank you Big Brother.
Thank you for satisfying my obvious voyeuristic tendencies and providing me with hours and hours of brilliant entertainment.
And of course my summers wouldn't have been the same without the yummy Davina McCall. Love you Davina xx. Not forgetting kudos to George Lamb and of course the ├╝ber sexy Dermot O'Leary. Shwing!

"Big Brother, you have been evicted. I'm coming to get you."

2 parlez:

Dazedlittlemiss said...

The only thing I'm sad about is not see George Lamb again. Now there is a sexy man ;-)

bedshaped said...

I can see the appeal, but he ain't no Dermot in my eyes.