Saturday, September 11

Chasing the dream, no I never pick up the pen. Always a show, but I like it when we pretend.

It feels weird thinking that this place is coming to an end, but it feels kind of natural.
Since I started blogging here, back in 2005, my journey has crossed paths with many, many wonderful fellow bloggers. Some still blog, although not as regularly as they once did. Many said their goodbyes in delightful ways, moving on with their lives. Some just....disappeared, without so much as a kiss my arse. And of course, some moved with the times and migrated to Facebook and/or Twitter.

I've crossed paths with some amazing people along the way. And whilst being adamant that I wanted to keep myself anonymous, politely refusing blog-meets and the like, I've met a handful of bloggers in 'real life'. Tonight feels like an appropriate time to reflect, and to cast out a shower of sincere "thank yous" to everybody who has touched my life in some way via someguyonajourney, even though sadly it will go unnoticed and unread by some simply wonderful people. So I shall just sit here pretending that somehow....they will know.

Buried beneath the ramblings, the rants, the raw and the ever present cryptic writing, lies a guy who just wanted to use this place to try to understand a little bit more about himself.

8 parlez:

daphne said...


Is this because I invited you to come to America and get drunk at basketball games? You can still blog in America (I believe Night Ranger said that).

And please, please don't tell me this means the end of this place?

Tom Foolery said...

Hey, I've always enjoyed reading your blog posts, you've a really unique and interesting writing style :) Sorry I don't always comment but I do hope you continue to blog.If not, all the best in life. TFxx

SpiralSkies said...

Eh? You can't stop blogging. Where would we get our doses of random from? They don't sell it in Tescos you know.

Blogging's a funny old game though, isn't it? All the better for being a bit anonymous, I think. I'm glad you didn't remain a stranger to me though. Very glad indeed XXX

Fern said...

Thank YOU, SomeGuy.
You/your blog is one of the best.

gekkogirl said...

You left me a comment that totally resonated.

I just want to say...

I wish you weren't going but, all the very very very best to you and yours. Lots and buckets and oceans of it xxxx

LB said...

Please don't leave :-(

I very much hope that we can count on your albums of the year for a decade or so, yet?


Sharon said...

You're leaving? Please don't disappear; I came to your blog a little late, but I'd like to stick around.

bedshaped said...

The end will come, and like I said, it feels like it might happen sooner rather than later. I'll just know.

Tom Foolery,
Thank you for stopping by. No comments expected or required. Thanks for the kind words.

I was happy to give up my anoninimity....anoniminity....oh bugger it. Our friendship goes way beyond blogging, missy. We'll be keeping in touch, that's for sure.

Nice to see you're still 'around'. Thank you for the kind words, as ever. Hope you're taking good care of you and yours.

You say the most uplifting things. And thank you.

I'll certainly do my best. I must admit, I've totally neglected theauditorium this year, and that's really annoying because I've heard sooo much great stuff this year.
I need to get back onto that.

Would be nice for you to stick around. I'm still here now, right?