Monday, August 30

I know there's a million people like me. I'm sure a kick up the bum's all we need. We plan but it never comes true. All I need is somebody like you.

Some things that happened over the music festival weekend:

I got pulled to one side and searched by two coppers, in the market area. It's my own bloody fault. It was Friday night, the atmosphere was electric, and I stupidly lit up whilst strolling through the market stalls. They searched me, found another spliff, then pulled me out of ear-shot and told me enjoy myself, by all means, but not to light up and flaunt it in front of people. Point taken. My bad.

My brother passed out during Plan B's final song. I heard a thud, turned around and found him spread out on the floor. He was fine afterwards. Nothing a few bottles of water, some vomiting and an hour chilling out can't solve.

The lead guy with The Prodigy scared the shit out of me.

I put up somebody's tent. I couldn't sit there and watch them struggle any longer, it was painful.

A girl wrote her phone number on my arm because she loved my tattoo so much.

The pork and stuffing baguettes were particularly nice.

The toilets were fucking awful.

I remember seeing; Batman, Spiderman, Robin, Wolverine, Superman, Wonder Woman, nuns, bridal parties, scouts, girl guides, cavemen, aristocrats, leopards, lions, tigers, bananas, dogs, cats, bunnys, robots, star trekkers, Lord Of The Rings characters, bunny girls, bunny guys, the list goes on and on.

Flip flops were the guy's choice, denim shorts were the girl's.

I made a mahoosive fuck up, choosing to stay with the crowd and see The Stereophonics, instead of seeing Ellie Goulding and more importantly Florence & The Machine. I've seen The 'Phonics many times before, and for me, they've kinda peaked. I knew I wouldn't get anything 'new' out of seeing them, but still I followed the crowd. What a fucking pussy. I wont ever do that again.

The garden candles were a genius idea.

Kit Kat chunky can save your life at 3am.

I always have my faith restored in people when I go to a music festival. You meet some of the nicest, weirdest, quirkiest, generous, odd, goofball, funny, loveliest people you would never normally have the opportunity to meet. It's amazing, and the feelings I get when I'm surrounded by these people could never be put down in words.

Being woken up by a girl singing "Morning has broken" in her loudest 'out of tune' voice at 6am, after three hours sleep, does not a happy bedshaped make.

"Sex on fire" was ammmmmazing!

I made a good trade off, when I agreed to pitch an extra tent for people arriving later on the Friday, in exchange for them cooking bacon sarnies every morning. It was a completely winning deal! Nom nom nom.

People will offer you all sorts of shit while you're in amongst the crowds; coke, ketamine, mdma, weed, poppers, tabs.... Just say no kids! Don't ever accept anything from people you don't know. No matter how much you may be connecting with them at that point in time. I gave a guy a bite of my apple, he offered me some pills!

Cheap blow up beds from Tesco are rubbish, repeat, they are rubbish!

There's just not enough time during the weekend, during each day, to see all, or even most of what you wanna see. There will be stage time clashes, essential chill out time, and secret stuff going on all the time. But so long as you finish that weekend feeling like you've experienced something very special, then that's all that matters.

I Am Weasel!

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