Wednesday, April 7

Well, it's laughter that comes up when I cry for you. And my heart may break again before it learns. And I might be stupid enough to want to fall again. Cause I've gotten used to the crash and burn.

I'm sat here listening to the latest release by Eels.

It's making me feel really, really sad.

And he's absolutely bang on with squaring up to people's emotions.
To most it makes no sense, or at least takes on an agenda of its own.
He shows us all how it's done,
Peels his skin back to reveal his bare bones,
And rises above the sorrow, taking flight.
Taking flight.

3 parlez:

Blue soup said...

Be free on Sunday evening. Drop me a text and I'll see you on MSN *hugs*

bedshaped said...

Be there or be square, huh?

daphne said...

Ah, yes, Sorrow taking flight. I've been there lately myself. Thinking every sad song on the radio was a sign from above that even the universe knows I'm screwed in the love dept.

But then a KC & The Sunshine Band song will come on and I'll realize it's (like the universe) sometimes just random.

And I'll sorta go home, find ways to distract myself and try to stop thinking about that person, place or thing.

For a good five minutes sometimes :)