Saturday, March 27

We are a lullaby, an everlasting song. Taken as prisoners to a place where we belong.

So, I have a new girlfriend.

She brushed in on my life towards the end of last year. I found her attractive, smart, genuine and most importantly; a little kooky.
Her lovely dark hair, sometimes up, sometimes down, pinned, tied.... Her elaborate use of make up, her quirky dress sense and her body language all drew me in. Each time I saw her, I found something else about her to love.
I love the way she tells her stories. She has a wonderful imagination. And OMFG the way she pronounces certain damned sexy.
An amazing voice.

I know, I know!
I'm dreaming, right?
Well, sometimes it's ok to dream.

Even her name is horny.
My new, imaginary, no chance in fucking hell so she gets to go on the 'list of 5'* girlfriend:
Paloma Faith.

Paloma Faith "Play On"

See you in August, Paloma. x

*The 'list of 5' being that list of five people who it's 'ok' to secretly love and fantasise about, because they are people who you have as much chance shagging as the pope has of getting a blowjob and posting a video of it on Facefuck**. Namely, no chance in fucking hell. So yeah, it's ok to have naughty thoughts about them.

**Mind you, stranger things have happened. I mean who ever thought there would be a day everybody in the whole world could see Britney Spears's lady garden on the internet.

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