Monday, December 28

You are creating all the bubbles at night.. I'm chasing round trying to pop them all the time.

She was sat on the far sofa, talking about her current tempestuous relationship.
She asked me if I thought it was working.
Then she asked me what the cure was for a broken heart.
I sat for a while....

How do you get over a broken heart?
You replace your ex with somebody else.
All those spaces and voids that were festing away in your life since you broke up, you fill them, with somebody else.
A different accent, different eyes, different hair.
A different way of hugging, of kissing, of touching.
Start going out to different places again.
Enjoy introducing somebody new to your friends and family, and revel in the remarks of how much nicer this new person is than the 'ex'.
Ok, so being naked with a new person might feel a little weird at first, but you'll soon get over it.
Having a new person in your life wont leave you with that deep, empty pit in your stomach, because you'll have a new part of your own journey to trek, with a new person, along a different path.

You just simply 'fill' your empty heart with somebody new.

She just made an affirming noise with her mouth, then made us another coffee.

"Rise" Eddie Vedder.

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SpiralSkies said...

I really don't think you can fill the void of an ex with someone else. You have a new path to trek already - other people can't fill the empty tracks.

An empty heart needs to refill itself before another person should be allowed in. It's a blending thing, not replacement. Probably. But then what do I know?

bedshaped said...

The worst thing about having a broken heart is continuing to live your life, without having the other person there to talk to, to come home to, to kiss, to offload on, to cuddle up on the sofa, to wake up with, to be intimate with, to text and ring, to cook and clean for....
All those voids get filled with thoughts of what the 'ex' is doing and how they are managing.

Take away the holes with somebody new, and that sucka punch will go.

bedshaped said...

....and perhaps, SpiralSkies, I didn't explain myself properly. Or perhaps a little of my cryptic persona spilt out once again....

Think about it from the 'other' persons' point of view. The ex partner who hasn't filled the void and emptyness with somebody new.
That person may have been suffering with a broken heart, but when they know their ex partner has essentially replaced them, in a short space of time, their heart is no longer broken. Because they realize that to their ex partner, they meant so little. So having a broken heart over it isn't such an issue.
Although, foolishness takes hold instead.

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, well you can't go wrong with a little foolishness.

I'm not sure about broken hearts; I think mine is bubble-wrapped these days, just to be on the safe side. That's not the right idea either though, is it?

bedshaped said...

I guess bubble wrap is ok. Barbed wire is whole different thing, though.


Well said bedshaped! Life is too precious to cry over spilt things. It shouldn't be tied to people who leave you. Heart always has space for new things, only one should give it a chance. Also, love can happen not once, twice, but several times. What matters is who takes you with him/her until they walk..