Friday, September 18

You think there may be something wrong with you, to make you doubt your love like this.

On Tuesday, I found out that the Stag Party I'm attending on Saturday night is themed. Hawaiian shirts for all to be exact.
My day off on Wednesday was mostly spent going around the shops, asking the shop assistants if they could help me out with such attire. I was met with either blank, shocked or dismayed looks. The result being that I was left with no Hawaiian shirt for the Stag Party and further instructions that if I couldn't find one at short notice, then anything bright, colourful, cheerful and out of the ordinary would suffice.
I found a place online late Wednesday night, placed an order and got a bright pink Hawaiian shirt, with "Hawaii" lettering, islands and palm trees printed all over it delivered to my work-place this morning.
Saved by the bell!

As an advanced warning, anything that's posted here on Saturday night/early Sunday morning is done so 'under the influence' and is not to be taken seriously. And of course such a post will be removed when I rise from the dead on Sunday, anyway.

4 parlez:

LB said...

I continue to be intrigued by the Tina Dico love/references/lyrics on here.

Do I take the credit for introducing you to Denmark's finest here or did you discover the magic and beauty of the Dico on your own?

bedshaped said...

Yes LB, the credit is all yours to take. And I can't thank you enough.

LB said...


I'm glad I have finally found someone else who loves here as much as I do. There aren't many of us about....

bedshaped said...

She is....gorgeous in so many ways.
Thank you LB.