Friday, March 13

You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal.

So, all 750,000 tickets for Jacko's upcoming gigs at the O2 Arena all sold out in record time. Wow, that's a shit load a totally dedicated fans right there.
Oh no, hang on.
As of just twelve hours later, Ebay has over 6,500 people listing tickets for sale. And most of them are more than doubling their money. I saw a few pairs, granted they were excellent seats; front row etc, but still....£3,500 for a pair is taking the piss!
It's a fucking travesty that these people can get away with it.

It's ok though. 'Cos he loves us all.

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Kia said...

totally agree. Must be able to do something about the touts, in this day and age.

Cat said...

It's one of my pet hates, but I suppose at the end of the day it's a seller's market. If people are willing to pay that sort of money (and I've been stung myself when it's been Morrissey tickets) then there will always be people happy to accept it.

Duck said...

There will be a further injustice when he cancels after one night, after doing half a song and running from the stage flapping his arms like a dodo. The only people who will have gained anything from the whole shebang will be the greedy bastard touts who took their profits up front.

I'm off to William Hill to check the odds on Jacko not completing the full programme.