Saturday, March 21

I'm going in for the kill. I'm doing it for a thrill.

Absolutely loving this tune by La Roux.

La Roux - In For The Kill.

And an interesting remix doing the rounds too.

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream remix).

The other night, I noted to The Girl that the dog eats standing up and the cat eats sitting down. And then we wondered if that was true with other cats and dogs.

I'm sat here in the kitchen wondering whether I should put a pizza in the oven, or mix up some stuff to make cakes. Or neither. The Girl is out tonight. It's very weird sitting here in her empty house. Hmmm, or maybe a bacon sandwich.

We watched Benjamin Button earlier. Blimey that's a long movie. I enjoyed it though. Although I just couldn't like Daisy's character, so the crux of the plotline was miffed for me. I liked the moral of the story though. And they did an outstanding job making Brad Pitt younger throughout the movie. Shame they did such a shit job of making the other characters age, especially Daisy. Oh well.

I need to get back into The Wire. I think I'm up to the last season now, but I got side-tracked by Weeds. And Battlestar Galactica of all things. And Dollhouse. And I really miss Firefly.

2 parlez:

g said...

My housemates cat eats standing up...

H said...

hehe someone emailed me 'In for the Kill' last week, I really like it too.