Wednesday, December 31

You got us into this, so get us out of this.

I'd like to say it's been a good one.
And it has.
But, something hasn't been right.
I haven't been right.

It's been a huge year for me. Mahoosive changes.
I'm really pleased that I've survived.

For the first time in many years, I'm going out for New Years Eve. It's been quite a while. I have to admit that New Year celebrations don't do anything for me. And I hate all the crap that goes with it; the drunkenness, the pathetic behaviour, the shouting and the fighting.
Anyway, I can say that technically I'm not going out for New Year celebrations. The Girl and I are going to a night of Birthday celebrations, for one Danny McNamara. We're on the guest list too. Go figure!

There goes another 12 months....

5 parlez:

Agent Orange said...

Ooh, you could say you embraced the coming new year, eh?
Taxi for orange!

SpiralSkies said...

Not being quite right can have its advantages... the ping of 'rightness' when it lands us back where we should be tastes all the better for having been slightly off-kilter. Otherwise, how would we know when we were happy?

LB said...

eh? I love Embrace, actually. (whisper it quietly)

Alan said...

Hi Mr Bedshaped

This is your shufflethon receiver.

Sorry if I'm late, I've been away over Christmas and only got back today to find your disk on my doormat.

Just gave it a first listen, impression is favourable so far! Liked most of it, only actively disliked one song, so that's a success in my books. Intrigued to find out who some of the songs are by.

And thanks for sending it!

bedshaped said...

Agent Orange,
I'll pay for your taxi!

Yes....yes, I see what you're saying.

That makes two of us then.

Welcome! Only one actively disliked eh? May I suggest some late night listens, acompanied by your poison of choice. That usually sorts the men out from the boys.