Wednesday, December 24

Won't you stay and leave a light on for me?

It's difficult when you have so much to say, to know where to begin.
So maybe I won't.
Maybe I'll just take this time to chill out, get my head more together and enjoy this season for what it is.
And maybe I'll come back here a little later.

Lots of people are alone at Christmas, and it's always those who I think about at this time of year. It doesn't matter about the size of present. It doesn't matter the value. And it's not important that you gave or received the right present, if indeed you gave or received one at all. It's about people. At this time of year, people just like to know that they're not alone.
And they're not.

Good wishes and a peaceful New Year to anybody who stumbles by here.

8 parlez:

Fern said...

happy xmas bedshaped

Cody Bones said...

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year Bedshaped.

Cat said...

Merry Christmas to you - and thanks for your email, it made me smile to think that someone was thinking about me waking up alone on Christmas morning. I hope 2009's a good year for you, and that Santa brought you everything you wished for. xxx

LB said...

Merry Christmas, fella.

Annie said...

Merry Christmas Bedshaped, hope it was a good one x

weenie said...

Hope you had a great Christmas Bedshaped and all the best for 2009 x

treacle said...

Merry Christmas Bedshaped and may every good thing come your way Next Year.

lots of love

bedshaped said...

Thank you, thank you one and all.
I feel fuzzy.