Tuesday, November 25

This is just a nightmare. Soon I'm gonna wake up. Someone's gonna bring me around.

In my other life, the one I can dream about, I'm everything I want to be.
By day you would find me at the controls of a mixing desk, tucked away inside some recording studio.
Making good bands sound even better.
Making shit bands sound as good as they ever will.
Making sure nobody runs out of coffee.
Being witness to the birth of something wonderful. Time and time again.
Leaving a tiny little dent imprinted for people to find, should they have the inclination to look.
By night you would find me amongst the crowds, seeking out different sounds, different directions, difference.

How could any of that possibly feel like work?

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LB said...

hello guru.

sorry for hijacking your comments thingummy here. can you drop me an email or owt? I'm going to do an "albums of the year" thing for the Auditorium again and thought you might like to include yours n'all :-)