Tuesday, October 21

And in the dark, it comes for me. Malevolent and without thought.

Seriously....What a pile of steaming, smelly shit.
That is all.

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Betty's Only said...

I love your titles and how you use words so beautifully! Your background is on a journey. To where only you know. I love it. Very different and creative. I am sure this is representative of you. I find your site very poetic.


Jon said...

I agree.

Which probably means that in a society where X Factor winner's are allowed to produce records and breed with other humans, it will be a smash hit.

bedshaped said...

Poetic, huh? Erm....thanks. I think.

Yeah, you're probably right. Considering who provided the voices, it was surprisingly dull. And the storyline sucked.

Duck said...

It was shit of the highest order (or should that be the lowest) and I'm deeply disappointed with John Cusack who is my favourite actor and usually makes good choices.

The Little Ducks quite liked it though and I now have to put up with 'Pull The Switch Igor' every time I start the car

bedshaped said...

I know what you're saying. Mr Cusack is usually an indication of something very watchable. A case of 'Money Talks' perhaps.