Tuesday, July 1

And we took the town to town last night. We kissed like we invented it.

I can't even begin to describe how proud I am, of The Girl. Her college results came in, giving her five merits and five distinctions. I'm not completely 'savvy' with qualifications, but that certainly sounds like she's got her just deserts, for all the hard work she put in. I'm so, so pleased for her.
Last week, we attended an exhibition at her college. It was to show the students' final pieces. It's a weird place to be, stuck between knowing a certain person in real life, then seeing them splatter themselves on a drawing, a Basque, a model, a painting, a sculpture.
It makes me realise that when people dig deep inside, they can really express themselves. And that everybody has something to say. People really are amazing.
I'm typing this....and you're reading it. Whoever you are. So just think.....while you're reading this, I'm thinking about you reading it. How weird is that?! How amazing?!

We'll be seeing each other this weekend, which will be lovely. It's been too long. Because we've both had a shitty time recently, we've decided to go out one night to the movies. I like going to the movies! To be honest, she talked me into it by saying, " what do you fancy doing? cinema? you could perv on angelina? I'll let you touch me up in the dark?"
I say no more!

I'm coming to see you guys on your home turf in October.
That night is gonna mean so much to me.

"So lift off love. All down to you dear"

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lovestevie said...

This will sound uncharacteristically corny for me (perhaps) but hearing about you and The Girl gives me hope that maybe it's not time to give up on the entire concept of relationships.

Plus, The Girl gives me hope that there are smart funny The Girls out there I might bump into & become friends with one day (once I get out of the Everglades). Have a fantastic time! And as I'm typing this, I'm thinking about you eventually reading what I'm typing as I was thinking about what I read...in your blog...in which you ...oh, you get the joke.

orangefrute88 said...

i am in love with the elbow website. thank you. and i'm glad things are looking rosier. i love a good kissing story. hell i love good kissing. sigh

Beth said...

see you down at the front then?

bedshaped said...

It can be such an easy thing to do....throw down blanket statements like all girls are bitches, or all men are wankers. The truth of the matter is that we are all different. Yes, some people can be similar and grouped together, but it's always worth trying to remember that not all guys are the same....there are some good ones out there. The same can be said for girls. So yes....you should never give up hope of finding somebody for yourself.
At a time in my life when looking to get into a relationship was the last thing on my mind, along came The Girl.

What's not to love about kissing?! People don't kiss enough.
I'm pleased you like the Elbow stuff. Such a fine, fine band.

Blimey, could this turn into a potential meet up!?

Beth said...

Don't worry - I won't make you do anything you don't want to do...

bedshaped said...

Don't worry - I wouldn't do anything I wouldn't want to do....