Monday, June 2

What are we supposed to do, after all that we’ve been through. When everything that felt so right is wrong. Now that the love is gone.

Today, I spent three hours in the company of a couple who did nothing but argue and moan at each other all the time. As I busied myself with my head stuck underneath their kitchen sink, I could hear them in the other room; moaning, whining, shouting, raising their voices. And it was all completely pointless. It was almost like they couldn't 'talk' to each other. No normal conversations, no chit chat, no talking. Just spurts of raised voices about pointless things. I wonder if they even know how to talk to each other, you know, in a normal fashion.
Some couples are just like that though, aren't they? It's not necessarily a reflection on their relationship that they moan and shout and argue a lot of the time. They just do. But they remain in their relationship, because that's just how they are. I guess it's just something they're used to. I guess it's just part of them being together.
I can't deny that it made me feel a little uncomfortable when they kept breaking the silences by going off at one another. I felt like saying, "Look, who gives a shit about shoelaces, mobile phones, what to watch on TV or any other completely pointless thing you've been arguing about. Just give each other a hug and remember why you both got together."
I didn't though. I just tried to blank it out by uncomfortably humming to myself and imagining I was somewhere else.
It was a relief to finish that job and drive away.

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Stevie NJ said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'd rather be alone for the right reasons (and wait for someone really good) than be "with" someone just for the sheer sake of not being alone.


So sad, though. Couples like that.

Kia said...

I'm with stevie on this. Life's too short to be unhappy. But then like you say, some couples are just like that, and that means that they are happy. Odd to me, but horses for courses and all that.

bedshaped said...

People can be odd. Although being 'odd' is of course a matter of opinion.
I just know that I couldn't be in a relationship like that.