Wednesday, June 4

Lip gloss, bold as blood. You got 'em linin' up.

Alison Goldfrapp is my latest thing.
There's just something about her. She's quirky, she's unconventional, she strives to be just that little bit different. I find that mahoosively attractive in people.
I really need to make the effort to catch them live next time they come round. That's certainly a gig that I'd consider throwing up a pair of my shorts on the stage, for the second time for. The first time was when Catatonia played at the Civic in Wolverhampton. That Cerys used to do naughty things to my mind. I wrote my phone number on them before I threw them up. They landed next to the mic stand....she just gave them a shocked look. They stayed there until after they'd gone off. Then a roadie came on and took them off with him. Now I'm hoping he gave them to Cerys. I'll never know, although I did get an odd call to my mobile a few weeks later.

Anyway....Alison. I'm afraid this puts me in somewhat of a dilemma. I'd like her on 'The List'. Yano, that laminated list of five people who, even if you're in a relationship, you're allowed to think of them in yummy way. There may even be some oggling, but considering the people on the list are of a celebrity status, in some way, shape or form, then it's ok to dream naughty things about them, 'cos the chances of you actually fulfilling that fantasy is about as likely as fuel prices coming down.
Adding her to the list means I obviously have to remove somebody else from those 5 to make room for her. I think the rule of 'The List' is that five is usually the acceptable number. Although I'd like to state, for the record, that The Girl keeps mentioning people on 'her list' and I'm sure she's around the Ten mark.

Can't say I particularly like the blonde hair though.

Download this track, or play it if you've already got it and tell me that doesn't sound like the most fun you could have with programmers and a Ragtime Piano.

Goldfrapp - "Satin Chic"

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Cat said...

As well as dithering about having my hair cut into a crop, I'm also dithering about going peroxide blonde. Do they really have more fun?

lovestevie said...

cat: not necessarily. unless alcohol and push-up bras are involved. I speak from recent experience and have gone back to red with sporadic rock chick blonde highlights.

Oh, hello bedshaped! What are you doing here? Oh, it's YOUR blog?

Oh dear.

Great post! She's definitely a cupcake with sprinkles on top. Does she sing heavy metal? (kidding...kidding...doesn't everybody?) :)

Beth said...

Humph. I know someone else who has her on his list too.

I didn't know you were allowed a whole list though. I thought I had to restrict myself to John Cusack!

lovestevie said...

beth: John Cusack! Here here!

Jon said...

Ha, I like the way you distinctly describe this list as being laminated. You are a very practical man.

She is rather foxy. Although I don't think I would be prepared to dig out my laminating machine to produce a new list with her name on it.

Dune said...

That's why it's laminated - it stops needless chopping and changing for a lust-of-the-moment.

Great single - I've downloaded and hearted it.

bedshaped said...

I can't say for sure. I think I'm in a minority by saying that blonde hair does nothing for me. I accept that makes me sound shallow, but it's been more of a subconscious thing than anything else.

Yeah, I know. I need to finish what I started.

I don't really know the ins and outs of it, but I always thought that five was the accepted number. Ten just seems a little like taking the piss, doesn't it?
Mr Cusack would be on my guys laminated list too.

As dune says, it's gotta be laminated so it can't be changed at the drop of a hat. I think there's probably a 'rule' that says you can only change the list a certain amount of times too.

Hello and welcome. Glad you enjoyed the song.