Saturday, March 15

She don't know who she is. Oh, I can take her anywhere. Oh,I can take her anywhere.

The Girl has just asked me to search for a song, using the lyrics, "Go to my oasis with the camel".
Four frustrating minutes follow before she remembers the song is actually "Midnight at the oasis".

Is there any hope for me?!

4 parlez:

Kiki Downing said...

Oh, thankyouthankyou for a laugh that began as a lilting giggle and then consumed my entire being as an all-out full-on HAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

...and now I can't stop singing "Midnight At The Oasis." Which now reminds me of the lounge singer from cover band, Sausalito, in "Lost In Translation."

So it's a double-bonus of goodness, this post!

treacle said...

I'm with Kiki, you made me laugh right out loud for ages with this one :)

John said...

Ha ha, getting there!

Complex Girl said...

Haha, I could be The Girl! I don't envy you :-)