Thursday, March 13

Hold your breath and count to ten, fall apart and start again.

Inside the ambulance, I began to feel less light-headed and my vision began to come more into focus. They had the blue flashing lights going and everything. No siren though. I must have been coming to my senses, because I asked them if they could turn off Bette Midlar's "Wind beneath my wings" that was playing through speakers in the back.

They ran lots of tests on me. Everything came back ok, except my blood sugar level being very low. Two slices of toast and two heavily sugared cups of tea later and it was back up to being more acceptable. They lay the blame on being overly stressed, not giving my body a break and piss poor eating habits.

The combined ages of the two Doctor's who attempted to get some blood from me was probably less than 45. I gave them an ultimatum after five unsuccessful attempts. "Make this one work, or I don't want you to try again." My fear of needles rearing it's ugly head once again. I felt like Steve Austin when I saw all the wires and clips attached to me.

Last night, I collapsed and fell unconscious for a minute at my friends house.

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treacle said...

Bloody hell, mate. So glad you are okay but ...well, big healing, healthy hugs. Take care xxx

Fern said...

have you been gnawing the paint off the window sills again, bedshaped?

seriously (kindly maternal voice rises from the bloggy depths)...despite the lovely empty fridge imagery, you must take care of your self, no?

bedshaped said...

Thanks treacle.

Nope. I took the easy way out on the window-sills.
And thanks. I'm trying, just a little bit harder now.

Annie said...

good lord. Hope you're feeling better, Bedshaped.

SpiralSkies said...

Blimey, that all sounds a bit worrying. The sooner you're all sorted out the better, eh? Stress and starvation are sooo not a happy combination.

You take care of yourself. Or else.

Cat said...

Blimey. I hope you're feeling better now. Would you like a care package from the frozen north?

bedshaped said...

Yes, I am thanks.

I must admit to having been a bit more crap than usual with myself.

One of your finest deep fried mars bars please.