Saturday, February 2

Come break me down. Bury me, bury me. I am finished with you.

I think I'm allowing too many things to influence me.
My decisions.
They are mine.

My dreams are filled with the stuff of nightmares.
Taunting me.
Casting doubts.

I give myself until the end of this week to be sure. To put it to sleep. To end the constant cycle of 'this', 'that' and 'the other'. Not to mention the 'what ifs'.
My focus is blurred by all this indecision and it's doing my head in. I need that focus to bring back my aim.

There's plenty of time this weekend to do some serious soul searching, in between the 30 Seconds To Mars gig tonight and the Paramore one on Monday.

Stop burying your head in the sand!

5 parlez:

Fern said...

Sounds like your due for a a nice toss-it-all-into-the-fire, and dance about like a wild thang in the night?

treacle said...

enjoy the gig mate :)

Emma said...

The world deserves to cut you a break.

Loving the new site design, looks lovely, wish I could come up with a site that looks this good. :o)

weenie said...

Ooh, I just listened to Paramore on the Jo Whiley show, great stuff - hope you enjoyed the gig!

bedshaped said...

....danced around like I hadn't a care in the world.


When it's my turn, I'll be ready for it.

Hmmmmm....The Paramore gig was....interesting.