Monday, January 28

Who's got a match? I've got the petrol to set it to.

So, the weekend....

Cheese on toast, red wine, weed, Star Wars Monopoly, Sweeney Todd, yummy shortbread, Linkin Park, drunk girls fighting, reconciliation with mojo, no milk, hair colouring, crazy mosh-pit, dry chicken, first time bus journey, more wine, broken Sat Nav, mini Snickers, wrong turn, lone tram journey, car buying tips, more weed, over-knee socks, mouldy bread, spaced out cats, smelly fish, lack of sleep.

9 parlez:

Fern said...

john cage said something about sound sculpture...

this sounds like an Antoni Gaudi structure.

treacle said...

sounds heavenly... :-)

Cat said...

Sounds eventful. And I am now wishing I had shortbread.

bedshaped said...

It's a gift!

Yeah, it was.

The shortbread was lovely. Fresh out of the oven. I feel I missed out though 'cos I only had one piece, then had to leave for the gig.

treacle said...

Great template Bedshaped...liking it :)

Beth said...

New look! Easier to read! Good work!

Cat said...

My eyes can't cope with the new font - it's swaying all over the place. Good job I like you is all I can say. And no, I have not had any wine.

John said...

Exactly the same as my weekend, only without the smelly fish....that is just scary.

Most impressed with the new look, I thought my page was not refreshing properly at first.

If I was a famous radio DJ I would give you a shout out but as I'm not, I won't.

I'll just say good stuff.

bedshaped said...

Thanks x

Thank you Ma'am.

I would suggest a glass of wine or a 'smoke' before reading this stuff anyway.
Is it really wobbling? I might be able to fix it.

No smelly fish over the weekend? You've missed out man.
And thanks, I think.