Saturday, December 1

You used to be alright. What happened? Did the cat get your tongue?

If it's to be believed, top 10 actress pay-cheques.

I think perhaps I'm in the wrong job.
Oh and also the wrong sex.

I wonder if it's true what they say; that when you get into a 'high earning bracket', that you have no idea how much a loaf of bread or a pint of milk costs.

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John said...

I'll be perfectly honest with you, I don't think I could tell you the average price of a loaf of bread...I could hazard a guess, but I just tend to stick it in my basket.

And I'm poor.

Reckless too by the look of what I have just written.

Cat said...

I'm the right sex, but definitely in the wrong job.

My mum's fella puts all his ironing to a woman to do. I reckon that's a pretty good measure of finances. I long for an ironing lady!

bedshaped said...

I don't think you should ever lose sight of what 'essentials' cost. Next you will be losing a grip on reality!

I don't think I could ever have somebody else do my ironing. I find it quite theraputic.

John said...

To be honest I think it is debatable as to whether I have ever had a grip on reality at all :)

Gordon said...

What's a pint?

I buy my milk in litres, my bread in rolls. Does that make me rich?

Cat said...

Hey, I have a huge washing basket full if you fancy it? Perhaps we could negotiate a cheap rate for friends?

bedshaped said...

A pint would be a measure of liquid, much like what you get when you go to the pub.
A pint, a litre, same difference really.
My point was, I wonder if it's true that when people reach a certain criteria of earnings, do they lose touch with things, such as how much a pint/litre of milk costs, or how much a loaf/pack of rolls costs.

I said I quite like it, I never said I was any good at it. In fact The Girl would probably 'scoff' at my ironing techniques, especially after my attempt at her skirt the other weekend.