Tuesday, December 18

Nothing unusual, nothing's changed. Just a little older, that's all.

Not that I'm complaining, but I've been really busy over the last week or so. The phone has been regularly ringing and I've been running about here, there and everywhere to work as much as I can. My bank account has been creeping back towards the black and the intimidating phone calls from various Companies appear to have ceased.
I wonder....is this the turnaround I craved or something more temporary?
My car eventually passed the MOT (costing almost £300), so all I have to do now is find a buyer for it. I don't fancy my chances shifting it before the end of the year, so it's first on the 'to-do' list after December is over with.

Most of my time off over the Christmas period will be spent with The Girl. Our second together.
Forget aftershave, socks, books, DVD's, etc etc. All I want is to spend time with The Girl who stole my heart when I wasn't looking.

Trying to get hold of some weed for the break is proving a lot more difficult than usual. Crikey, it's like the (typical) summer drought around here!

The end of the year is nigh. It's been a struggling bunch of pissy pants and sweaty camel's bollocks at times, but it appears that I may well survive after all.

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