Sunday, November 4

In the deepest ocean. The bottom of the sea. Your eyes, they turn me.

It's Sunday evening, which means the weekend is almost over.
I blinked, I missed it.
Last night was spent in solitary company. Each flick of the remote showed endless channels of utter drivel. When did Saturdays become a day when you couldn't find anything on TV to watch? Obviously it's catering to somebody.
My resulting Saturday evening was spent listening to some music, flickering around the WWW and getting slightly stoned. This was followed fairly swiftly with an un-fightable desire to dunk biscuits in my coffee.

My birthday comes around again on Tuesday. Has it been 12 months already?
I already know that I'm gonna get exactly what I want. I'm gonna be spending most of the day and all the night with The Girl. How could I possibly want anything more....

I'm desperately worried about Christmas. It's a horrible lurching feeling about the financial implications it's gonna put me under. Earlier today, it suddenly dawned on me and I hate the fact that worrying about money is making me forget about all the good things associated with Christmas.
I'm also not sure how much time to take off over Christmas either. I'm used to having my holiday periods dictated to me, so now I have the final say, it's proving to be more difficult than I imagined. I want to work as much over the holiday period, because people will inevitably need plumbers and it would be nice to help people out and earn myself some money at the same time. At the same time, I want to have a rest. I wanted to work for myself for many reasons. One of them was not having to answer to anybody about my working hours.

I watched Citizen Kane the other night. I'd not seen it before and as it's normally listed in some top/great movies of all time polls, I thought I'd take the plunge and see what all the fuss was about. As it happens, I can officially declare it to be an OK movie. It's well known for it's plotlines, it's character acting, it's pioneering camera techniques, it's set pieces, etc etc. I think my problem was I've seen it all before, many times. What I watched in Citizen Kane wasn't outstanding enough for me to realise that's the movie that set the bar. I'm well aware that many movie buffs will scoff at my words and declare it to be one of the most amazing movies ever made. That doesn't change my opinion though. I think I may have ruined my experience anyway, by leaving it so long to watch it. Maybe if I'd have watched it many years ago, my experience would have been so much more favourable. Who knows?
And did anybody really give a shit about "Rosebud"?!

I love the new Radiohead album. I've reviewed it here.

For the person who stumbled across my blog whilst searching Google for "stories of guys making other guys drink their piss", I apologise.

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bob said...

happy birthday two days early. I'm bound to forget by then.

Jen said...

S'funny. I never have the urge to go back to being 'young' again. But, on the other hand, I would quite like to have a month of 'young' weekends. No chores or washing or suchlike, just wall-to-wall fun.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow XXX

Beth said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!

I felt a bit like that when I saw 'Citizen Kane'. I thought it was probably because I was too immature to appreciate it. Never felt the need to see it again since though...

Rach said...

Happy birthday, have a fantastic day and a few drinkies too.

Cat said...

Happy birthday!

On the Christmas/work front, I'm always reading that the first year of a new business is the toughest one. Maybe this year it would be worth being on call in the interests of building contacts - and charging holiday rates - on the proviso you didn't do it again?

And on the cheeky mare front, black gunk keeps coming out of my bathroom taps. Is this something sinister? Please don't say I need a hideously expensive new tank or something...

John said...

Happy Birthday for Tuesdy my friend, I hope you had a good one.

Rest assured that you are not the only one contemplating impending financial doom, my current bank balance has actually instigated feelings of depression these last few days.

Still, at least you have the escape of a mind-alerting substance to look forward to. Ther strongest I can get away with is a hot chocolate.

bedshaped said...

Thanks for all the nice wishes folks. Much appreciated.

Complex Girl said...

How come I didn't know about a birthday? Or, perhaps more importantly, how come everybody else did??

Bugger, it was ages ago now! Belated wishes anyway x