Tuesday, October 30

I cheated myself, like I knew I would. I told you I was trouble. You know that I'm no good.

I was introduced to more of The Girl's family over the weekend.
In summary, the most nervous I've ever been around The Girl. Even more nervous than on our first encounter.
Within 10 minutes, I'd already decided how lovely they all were. They all felt so familiar.
I spent the rest of the weekend worrying about what they thought of me.
I think it went ok.

It's really, really important for me to be liked by The Girl's family. After what she's been through, it's not really rocket science to understand that they are all going to be looking out for her a hell of a lot more. I'm not setting out to impress anybody, I would just like to be liked, that's all.

I remember my first encounter with my ex wife's step-dad. I was introduced to him by my name, to which he yelped back, pronouncing that I was off to a bad start because my ex wife's dad's name is the same and "We all know what kind of a wanker he was, don't we?"
My first encounter with my ex's dad was when we came back from a night out to find he'd broken into her house and fallen asleep on the sofa, drunk.

Everybody has a special somebody in the family who is most important to them. Even if it's difficult to admit, if you think about introducing your partner to your friends and family, which one person are you secretly hoping to hear positive things from, because their opinion is a little bit more important than everybody elses.
For me it's my brother. Even though my parents are still alive and they've given me so much help over the last few months, it's still my brother. He can be a right twat at times, but I still value his opinion, just that little bit more than everybody elses.

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Beth said...

I'm guessing of course, but I'm guessing the boy done good.