Monday, September 3

You better run, you better run, you better not wait too long.

Spent a much needed, wonderful time with The Girl over the weekend. I can't even begin to explain how amazing and supportive she is. How lovely it is to have such loving shoulders to bury myself in.
I signed in for emergency work while I was up there, but nothing was forthcoming. My phone was deathly silent, but that's ok. I'm just looking forward to having it ringing off the hook when the time comes.
My mum has offered to look at my finances for me. I know my folks aren't in a position to bail me out of my despair, but she's offered to look at the numbers and help me out as much as she can. She's quite brilliant when it comes to number crunching, so I'm optimistic that she'll be able to point me in the right direction. Tonight, I've dug deep into my bank statements and listed everything that goes out of my accounts. It's not pretty reading, but I also know it could be a lot, lot worse.
I feel like I'm moving in the right direction.
I AM moving in the right direction.
I'm not down and miserable anymore. I'm completely optimistic about things to come. Things will change....Things ARE changing.

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Quite Simply Complex said...

Glad to hear you moving on up, and lol at The Girl loling (my god, what has my english come to!!) - I am sure if I was in her position I'd be doing the same :-)

Incidentally, thanks for your good wishes, and to let you know I now have a new blog abode. Feel free to drop in..

OG (that was!)

Saffyre said...

It does get better. Two years ago I was declared bankrupt, and now I manage my money very carefully.
The fact that your mum is helping out is great.

treacle said...

you know I havent been able to check back in on you until today and just this morning my friend MArtin told me that I must stop thinking about waht I dont want and think more about what I DO. He said that as soon as you start accepting what you ARE and what you want it starts to come through.

Good luck and stay happy :)

Angela-la-la said...

Well done making the first step, I think you're brilliant :)

Blue Witch said...

Just popped in via your comment at bob's.

Have you heard of It's an excellent website (run by money journo Martin, totally non-profit, idea of getting consumer revenge on big compnaies who lead consumers astray by enticing and oftetn unethical marketing), with forums with loads of people in your position sharing ideas and encouraging each other. There's a weekly email too that you can sign up for at [same address]/tips

I'm sure that if you sort the money issues out that the rest will follow. From personal experience I know how hard depression can be, but focussing on sorting out what can be sorted is always a good thing. Good luck :)

bedshaped said...

blue witch,
Thanks for the heads up. I regularly peruse the moneysavingexpert website and you're right, it's choc full of excellent information. One thing it showed me, is that no matter how bad off I think I am, there's many, many more people out there in much worse situations. It doesn't make me feel better, but it does make me feel like I'm not alone and things could be a lot worse.

"brilliant"? Methinks you ned to get out more, but thanks for the positive vibes.

Your friend is right. Nothing good comes of thinking about all the things that are wrong. It's a complete waste of focus and energy.

Yes, it's a life-saver that my parents are being so supportive both financially and mentally.
It's good to know that it gets better.

quite simply complex,