Tuesday, September 18

Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word. Fearless on my breath.

Building bridges.
Finding escape.
Being part of a decision.
Providing the shoulder to cry on.
Finding something to be amazed at, every day.
Not being afraid to lower your mask.
Wanting to say sorry, even when it's not needed.
Falling in love all over again, every day.
Never allowing the silence to do the talking.
Showing understanding, even when you don't have the solution.
Not being ashamed of your past.
Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly.
Being able to see beneath their skin.
Never taking them for granted.
Conversations that never seem to have an end.
Embracing their beauty while they sleep.
Finding your long, lost friend.
Bearing no grudges.
Butterflies that never take flight.
Kisses that make the world stop turning.

Learning to love yourself first.

3 parlez:

treacle said...

That's beautiful. I'm trying to lower my mask but its not fast enough sometimes adn I am told to forget my past but its hard. Maybe I need to love myself a bit more first.

Thanks x

Rach said...

I love your words. Just summed up everything I believe in and am trying to achieve. You really rock!

bedshaped said...

You definitely need to learn to love yourself. It's never an instant thing, but one step a time, huh. How can anybody else love you if you don't even love yourself?!

It's always good to have something to believe in.