Wednesday, September 19

Here I stand, head in hand. Turn my face to the wall.

As the water pissed out of the broken fitting, it suddenly dawned on me that no amount of training could have prepared me for this.
With my trainers covered, my combats soaked up to the knee and the slight look of panic on the lady's face....all I could think about was how lovely it would be to have a 'smoke'. Almost like an out-of-body experience.
It appears my "everything's under control" face works a treat and less than an hour later, her radiators were throwing out so much heat you could have toasted marshmallows on them.

8 parlez:

Rach said...

well done you. Always knew you had the power to combat the dark side.

Beth said...

Good Work!

Morgan said...

Oh yeah.

treacle said...

you rock bedshaped, well done x

Jen said...

I bet the woman's gushing about you now. Hurrah. You are a plumbing hero.

Jo said...

Sweet. I love those moments. But I can't do that face. I do a great 'it might all go again at any moment' look, though. Some people like that, I find. Worth having both facial options, possibly. Must work on it.

Cat said...


bedshaped said...

No, I can always resist the dark side.


Good combination, huh.

It did appear to be an 'I rock" situation. Thanks.

I'm shocked! I'd run a mile if anybody came onto me while I was working.

What I didn't mention in the post, was that my previous face was 'Oh fucking hell, what am I gonna do!'

How odd that you make the sound of a mouse?