Friday, August 10

So I don't look back. Still I'm dying with every step I take. But I don't look back. Just a little, little bit better.

The phone has been ringing.
Ok, so it's not exactly been ringing off the hook, but it's all got to start somewhere.

Due to my currently desperate financial predicament, I've had to swallow my pride and break my principles by selling my tickets for the Prince concert on Ebay.
I can't even begin to express how utterly sad this makes me feel.

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treacle said...

really sorry to hear you're having to sell your Prince tix but really glad that your phone's been ringing.

Beth said...

What can I say? Needs must & all that...Glad the phone's been ringing.

Erm, how far would you travel for work?

bedshaped said...

The Prince tickets have now sold and been posted.
*big sigh*
*another big sigh*

I appear to be a master of piss poor timing at the moment. Almost everything is being affected.

beth, erm....I think you might be a little too far.

Beth said...

Damn. I thought you might say that!

Jo said...

Bedshaped, what patch *do* you cover? I get the odd request from friends way out of my area, be happy to pass on if they're in yours...