Tuesday, May 15

Im always just about to go and spoil a suprise.Take my hands off of your eyes too soon.

Two things I didn't know until this morning:

Somebody has got one of my credit card details from a website I've used somewhere and used them to buy things. I have to fill in a dispute letter to try and recover the losses.

I received a Pension Statement letter saying I have a pension worth 28 grand. This is obviously something I'd forgotten about, so I'm kinda thinking....I could do with some of that money now, I wonder if there's any way I can cash some of them in?

Work is very slow at the moment. We're out door-dropping leaflets, trying to drum up some business. My poor bank account is about to suffer a fatal heart attack, I have no food in the cupboards, my car sounds like it's gonna fall ill sometime soon, The Girl is ill and my ego was hurt by not even getting my arse felt in that club on Saturday night.

Things are pretty crap at the moment, huh.

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Cat said...

That's shitty re the credit card, but I know how you feel about the bare cupboards. It's the same in my place.

I've never had a woman try to pull me in a gay bar either, if that makes you feel any better. Either gaydar's not a myth, or even lesbians don't find me attractive.

bedshaped said...

I've not had problems in other gay clubs, I think they were just a little too fussy. Mind you, there were some really good looking guys in there

treacle said...

hope things get better soon bedshaped. Re: the pension thing, I tried to get my mitts on mine last year (about 15 grand) and was told I can't touch it until I am 50! But try anyways...good luck.

bedshaped said...

I emailed them, twice now with no responce. Not even an automated one. I'm gonna try ringing them next week.
Worth a try, right?

treacle said...

definitely and its unusual for them not to get back to you. Hope it works out. Let me know if it does!