Monday, May 14

I won't be crying when I'm lonely, 'Cause I'll be making sure I'll have a good time.

When I left The Girl, she was coping with a developing rash and feeling the effects of a tiring weekend.
I'd like to say both down to me; the rash from my 2 day stubble rubbing against her skin and the tiredness from our constant passion of bumping uglies.
However, the rash is apparently a reaction to pineapple juice and the tiredness is because we were out until stupid o'clock on Saturday, celebrating her brother's birthday at several of their favourite gay haunts in the City. I can't say I was overly impressed with the bars we went into, but the club was awesome. 3 floors of great atmosphere and wall to wall man fanny! What more could you ask for?
The drinks were a bit pricey and the door charge of a Tenner was so over the top, I expected a complimentary blow-job. The tunes were ok and every now and then, the DJ played a Chooooone that got everybody on the dancefloors throwing so many shapes the shelves of a Tesco Superstore would have been stacked in no time. One of the dancers on the centre podium had me hypnotized with his bendy shapes, not to mention his tiny shorts. Several visits to the unisex toilets and a few more cans of terrible lager later, and I found myself attempting to throw my own shapes with The Girl and her brother on the stage.
"Think back", I was saying to myself...."Think back to Kevin and Perry"

There was a proper X Files moment on the tram on the way out. If I'd have been dropping as well, I'd have sworn we'd all had a connected drug daze. I was half expecting Hiro to appear in a haze of slow motion and tell us to "Save the cheerleader, save the world".

I got a half hug from The Girl's brother on Saturday night. I think that's progress.

3 parlez:

Cat said...

I have mixed feelings about gay bars. While they can be great fun, I always feel a bit invisible which is not good for a girl's ego!

Celeste said...

OMG I've just realised who you are dating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bedshaped said...

I'd take a gay club over any other any day of the week.

Brad doesn't know she's gonna leave him for me soon. You must have noticed how sad he's been looking in Heat magazine recently.